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Remote Solar Power Systems Off-grid Solar Power Systems with 12VDC or 24VDC Output

Our Solar Power Systems with 12VDC or 24VDC output collect, convert and store energy from the sun in Deep-cycle batteries. The stored electric energy supplies off-grid electric power to sensors, instrumentation, security systems, SCADA and lighting in remote locations.

Remote Solar Powered Pump Systems Off-grid Solar Powered Pump Systems & Controls

Our Solar Powered Pump Systems collect, convert and store energy from the sun in Deep-cycle batteries. The stored electric energy supplies off-grid electric power to operate and control pumps for irrigation systems or to provide a livestock water source in remote locations.

Solar Power System for Industrial Controls & Instrumentation SPS-PCP Series Off-grid Solar Power Systems for Meters & Telemetry Instrumentation

Each system comes pre-wired and includes a solar panel, NEMA 3R powder coated metal enclosure with a gasketed hinged door and closure buckles, solar panel bracket, solar charge controller, 24V dc-dc converter, fusing, solar power cables, lightning/surge protection module and SLA solar battery.

Remote Solar Power Systems Off-grid Solar Power Systems with 120VAC Output

Our Solar Power Systems with 120VAC output collect, convert and store energy from the sun in Deep-cycle batteries. The stored electric energy is inverted to supply off-grid 120VAC electric power to operate security systems, pumps, motors, valves, controls, alarms and lighting.

Remote Solar Power Systems Pre-built, Pre-wired, Solar Power Charging System

Our Solar Power Charging System is available in many different configurations and capacities. Each pre-built/pre-wired system includes a fiberglas or metal enclosure, fuse holders, fuses, solar charge controller, dinrail power distrabution blocks and earth grounding kit.

Remote Solar Power for Wireless Sensors Solar Power Kits for Low Power Wireless Sensors

For operating remote low power equipment like wireless sensors, wireless transmitters, repeaters and wireless receivers. These models provide the proper charging and power conditioning for deep-cycle SLA batteries. Models include a dc-dc converter that provides a regulated 3.6 or 5.0 Vdc

Solar Panels Solar Panels

Models feature grade-A cells, sturdy aluminum frames and high quality tempered solar glass. Modules range from under 1 to 10 Watts. These small modules are used in small scale systems that provide power to wireless sensor transmitters and low-power instrumentation.

Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Solar Panel Mounting Brackets

We offer the perfect, economical solution for mounting single or multi system solar panels to the side of any pole, pipe or structure. Models are available in aluminum or stainless steel and are made right here in the United States!

Solar Cables Solar Power Cables, Adapters and PV Wire

Solar cable is the interconnection cable used in photovoltaic power generation. A solar cable interconnects solar panels and other electrical components in the photovoltaic system. We offer prewired cable/connector assemblies in many different off-the-shelf sizes.

Solar Battery Enclosure Solar Battery Enclosures

Solar Battery Enclosures are used to protect and house the battery and charge controller. Protection from the natural elements such as moisture, cold and heat are essential for the preservation and extending life of the battery. Model are available made from plastic, fiberglass or metal.

Solar Cables Combination Solar Charger/Power Supply

Designed to save space and money, these units combine both a solar charge controller and a regulated DC-DC converter power supply into one unit. Operation requires only a small solar panel and a deep-cycle battery to complete the system.

Solar Charge Controllers Solar Charge Controllers

We design and manufacture Solar Charge Controllers that protect batteries from being overcharged and completely drained. They have been designed for off-grid charging of deep-cycle batteries that provide power to remote instruments and lighting.

Solar Power Combiner Box Solar Power Combiner Boxes & Terminal Boxes

Solar Combiners include circuit breakers and fuses prewired in a weatherproof enclosure for combining the DC outputs coming from multiple solar panels and merges these into one DC output for connecting to the charge controller or inverter.

Solar Pass Through Box Solar Pass Through Boxes

Our Solar Pass Through Boxes are used in solar system applications to provide a low cost, compact way to group string input wires from several arrays and/or solar panels and transition them from standard solar (PV) cable to standard building wire. These Pass Through Boxes are available with/or without over current protection.

Solar Disconnect Box Solar Disconnect Boxes

Our line of solar disconnects provide the best solution for switching solar photovoltaic (PV) circuits. This line of PV disconnects are available in various configurations of 1 to 4 circuits that include pre-wired versions, metal or plastic enclosures, fused or non-fused, grounded or ungrounded systems.

Solar Powered Lighting Solar Powered Lighting

Imagine Instruments designs and manufactures both "off-the-shelf" and custom solar powered LED lighting. Product groups include commercial lighting for building exterior, signs, security, walk-ways and parking lots. Portable solar powered lighting is also available.

Solar Power Lightning Arrestors Lightning/Surge Arrestors for Solar Power Applications

Our Solar Power System Lightning/Surge Protectors are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Engineered for both AC and DC electric systems, they provide protection to combiner boxes and load centers.

Power Converters & Inverters Solar Power Converters, Regulators, Supplies & Inverters

Our line of power converters and inverters are designed for off-grid solar power systems. These units convert 6V or 12V battery power into a different value DC or AC voltage to power remote equipment such as SCADA, Telemetry, instrumentation, sensors and monitoring equipment.


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