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Remote Site Solar Power Solar Energy Products

Our Remote Solar Power Systems supply off-grid electric power for sensors, SCADA Equipment, Instrumentation, Process Controls and Lighting in remote locations. Other products include solar combiner boxes and solar pumping systems for irrigation and livestock watering.

Electrical Products Electrical Products

Currently our line of electrical products includes; Test Equipment, Circuit Protection, Wire, Cables, Lightning/Surge Protection, Electrical Junction Boxes, Lighting Controls, Static Phase Converters, Contactors, Solar Fuses, Solar Circuit Breakers and more.

Scientific Instruments Scientific Instruments

Our Scientific Intsrument line includes Handheld laboratory Instruments, Benchtop Meters, Magnetic Stirrers, Linear Flow Hoods and Calibration Equipment.

Industrial Control Industrial Monitoring & Control

Imagine Instruments designs and builds industrial sensors, monitoring and control equipment. Our products include Control & Alarm Panels, Industrial Power Supplies, Environmental Sensors, Process Controls, Transmitters, Pump Controllers & Alarms.

Wireless Remote Controls Wireless Remote Controls

Our Industrial Wireless Remote Control Systems uses license free RF technology to reliably control motors, valves, pumps, gates or lighting at distances up to 10 miles. Solar powered models allow for remote control in areas where standard utility power is not available or very costly to install. Transmitter panels can be activated with switches, a computer, PLC or smartphone.


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