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Industrial Junction Box Industrial Junction, Splice & Terminal Boxes

Our rugged plastic and metal pre-configured boxes offer all the corrosion resistance and physical properties you need for applications ranging from the industrial floor to outdoor installation. Features include a NEMA 4X rating, built-in mounting feet and a gasketed cover. Models are available with waterproof cable glands, din-rail track for equipment mounting, and terminal blocks for wire connections.

switch control box Multi-position Switch Control Boxes

These weather resistant power controllers are specifically designed to protect your switch wiring against the elements. Perfect for providing power control in damp, dusty environments such as workshops, gardens, manufacturing, nurseries or farms. These units are designed for use with normal waterproof electrical cable. They enable you to safely power up multiple electrical items outdoors from one cable.

operator control station Operator Control Stations

Our low cost operator stations provide numerous features and benefits not offered in similar industrial units. Features include plastic or metal enclosures with integral mounting ears and a gasketed lid. Models accommodate Push-button or Rotary switches, LED indicators or Visual/Audible Buzzers and offer the choice of a cable glands or conduit fitting for wiring entry and exit.

Emergency Stop Controls Emergency Stop Controls

Emergency Stop Control Stations are available in many shapes and sizes based on their functionality and application. These pilot devices are used to shut down machinery, conveyer belts and other industrial equipment. Models with mushroom head switches, keyed lock-out switches and Automatic non-restart are available. Rugged plastic or metal enclosure versions are designed for indoor use.

Power Control Station Power Control Stations

These devices are used to control and protect motors and other industrial equipment. Models feature mushroom head switches, push-button switches, keyed lock-out switches and pre-wired cords. Model are also available with automatic anti-restart to prevent automatic re-start after a power failure. Both metal and rugged plastic enclosures are available for normal general-purpose conditions, or situations requiring watertight, dust-tight or oil-tight protection.

Static Phase Converters Static Phase Converters

Imagine Instruments designs and build Heavy Duty Static Phase Converters. Our line of static phase converters currently ranges from 1/3 to 5 HP. Products feature easily accessible wiring connections, a built-in mounting bracket and high voltage rated capacitors.

SSR Power Control Consoles & Panels SSR Power Control Consoles & Panels

Variable Resistance SSR Consoles provides reliable user adjustable power control. Unit features a Benchtop or wall mountable console design, built-in solid-state relay, adjustable 0-100% control dial, user replaceable fuse, power-on indicator, heavy duty integral power and output cord.

Lightning Protection lightning Protection

Now you can protect your equipment from harmful surges before a serious problem occurs. Our newly designed protectors come with Silicone Avalanche and Gas Discharge Tube Diodes to provide very fast response time and offer higher discharge currents.

Lighting Systems Lighting Systems & Lighting Control Panels

Our line of industrial lighting products include solar powered LED lighting systems, ambient light switches, power supplies, lighting control contactor panels, power inverters and wireless lighting controls. Both standard off-the-shelf and custom models are available.

Tower Indicator Stack Lighting Systems Tower Indicator Stack Lighting Systems

Tower stack light systems feature multi-color lights mounted onto a rugged plastic or mrtal enclosure with industrial grade control switches. Versions are available with an attached switch box or a remote cable between the light assemblies and switch box. Features include stainless steel mounting brackets, rotary or push-button switches and terminal blocks for power connection. Operating power options are 12V DC, 24V DC or 120V AC. Wireless models with remote control switch boxes are also available.


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