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 Solar Powered Pump Systems


Solar Well Pump for 4 SWP24-XL230-375 Solar Well Pump for 4" SCH40 Well

This model SWP24-XL230-375 dc powered solar well pump we offer will fit into a standard 4" Diameter SCH40 well pipe. Most of the solar well pumps available have a diameter of 4.1" that do not allow them to fit a standard 4" well. This pump we offer has a reduced diameter of 3.75" allowing the pump to fit down a 4" SCH40 well casing.

Solar Powered Well Pump System Solar Powered Well Pump System Kits

Solar Powered Well Pump Systems collect and convert energy from the sun to power Solar Well Pumps. The solar energy supplies off-grid electric power to operate and control well pumps for irrigation or to provide a livestock water source in remote locations. The amount of run time the pump is on can be controlled by a level switche or a digital timer.

Solar Pump Linear Current Boosters Solar Well Pump Linear Current Boosters

Pump power boosters provides a regulated 24V DC output to operate well or pond pumps that require 24V. Units can handle any pump rated up to 10 Amps (240W) or less. Unit allows a standard solar well pump to continue to operate from a solar panel when the panel output is reduced due to less than ideal direct sun.


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