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 Wireless Industrial Remote Control System

Industrial Wireless Remote Control System with Feedback

Series: WCS-27FB

Wireless Remote Control System Features

    Up To 8 Mile Wireless Operation

    10 Amp Control Relays

    AC or DC Power Operation

    Models with 1, 2 or 4 Control Lines

    Weatherproof NEMA 4X Rated Enclosures

    Provides Feedback Indicators & Relay Control


    Pump, Valve & Motor Control

    Irrigation Systems, Lighting Applications

    Remote Door & Gate Control


WCS-27FB Series Industrial Wireless Remote Control System uses 27 MHz technology to create a long range remote wireless control system that reliably controls devices at distances up to 8 miles away (line-of-site). A perfect solution for irrigation systems, water pumps, control valves, doors, gates and lighting applications. Indicators on Transmitter unit provide relay statas of Receiver.

Typical Wireless Remote Control Application

General Specifications
Radio Frequency: 27.255 MHz
Transmit Power: 10 Watts
Transmit Time: 500 msec
Wiring Connection: Din-rail Terminal Blocks
Operating Temperature: -10 to 130 F (-23 to 54 C)

Transmitter Models
Model Number Description
WCS-27FB-TRAN-1 Wireless Transmitter - 1 Control Line with Feedback
WCS-27FB-TRAN-2 Wireless Transmitter - 2 Control Lines with Feedback
WCS-27FB-TRAN-4 Wireless Transmitter - 4 Control Lines with Feedback

Receiver Models
Model Number Description
WCS-27FB-REC-10A-1 Wireless Reciever - 1 Control Line, 10 Amp Control Relay
WCS-27FB-REC-10A-2 Wireless Reciever - 2 Control Line, 10 Amp Control Relays
WCS-27FB-REC-10A-4 Wireless Reciever - 4 Control Line, 10 Amp Control Relays

Models with higher capacity control relays and models with feedback relays on the transmitter side are also available. Please contact us for informtion.

Note: Continued product improvements make specifications subject to change without notice.

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