What is Solar Powered Irrigation?

Solar Powered Irrigation Solar irrigation is the answer to a lot of watering needs and they are perfect for gardens and plantations, but their usefulness does not end there. On those days when the sun is high overhead you need more water to keep your plants healthy. Having a solar pump means you will never run dry because your energy source is right there. If add a proper deep-cycle leisure or marine battery to your solar system, you can pump water 24 hours a day. Irrigation systems can be automated by using a timer. The timer will trigger the water pump every evening at the programmed time.

It is best to irrigate your garden at night during the summer so that the plants have time to absorb the water before it evaporates. With all these great advantages it is easily understandable why solar irrigation is becoming so popular for watering needs for both gardens and plantations.

We can blame global warming for all of the hosepipe bans that seem to be frequenting communities as of late. Water companies have always been slow in fixing any type of leaks and as such, people have begun to collect rainwater and grey water so that they could water their gardens. The problem is simple: getting the water to where you need it to go.

A great perk that is offered by solar irrigation is that solar pump units have almost no running costs associated with them whatsoever. Batteries are the only components that will need replacement. Other irrigation units use gasoline or electricity. The sun is still free and because solar pumps runs strictly on the sun that means they are environmentally safe. The use of renewable energy means no toxic emissions to be shot into the atmosphere. Instead of working toward global warming solar pumping actually helps to prevent it.

Solar Powered Pump A typical solar irrigation system consists of a solar panel used to capture the sunsí rays, a deep cycle leisure or marine battery to get extended running potential, 12V pump and tubing in which to carry the water from the reserve, through the irrigation system to your garden or plantation. Depending on your location, particularly in isolated areas, the cost of conventional water pumping may be very expensive, unless you install a solar water pump which can keep a steady and abundant water supply.

What is impressive is how affordable solar pumps can really be. They are remarkable devices that give a perfectly environmentally safe way to irrigate your garden. They are free to run since there is no gas or electricity required. Solar pumps are no less effective than gas or electrical driven pumps.

Using a solar pump for irrigation purposes can boost production, save crops and augment the amount of cultivable land. Using solar irrigation for home or farm can be a good way of replacing electric pumps and saving on resources.