What are Solar Pond Pumps?

Solar Pond Pump Solar pond pumps are ideal if you have a pond in your backyard. If you own an electric pump, you are probably well aware of the cost of maintaining it. Pumps are usually the culprit when it comes to the extra cost of having a pond in your garden, and that is just because they suck up a lot of electricity and can get your utility bills through the roof. If this sounds like a dilemma that you are dealing with, you should consider what solar powered pumps can bring to your outdoor area and water features in general.

Having and maintaining a pound on your property shows that apart from the aesthetic aspect, you probably care about the environment. Ponds are great for those concerned about nature because it creates a beautiful natural habitat for all types of small wildlife, even for animals that you may not even know that you are servicing. The extra electricity that pond pumps use goes against the environmentally friendly intention of backyard ponds.

The purpose behind solar pond pumps is to move, clean and aerate the water, making it not only safe for drinking by animals who may venture into your backyard habitat, but also appealing to look at as well. Nobody wants to look at a nasty, algae filled pond habitat. Solar pond pumps suck the nasty stuff out of the pond and move water back in. Normal pumps come to take a great deal of electricity to get this accomplished, but solar pumps collect energy from the sun to filter out the pond.

Using solar energy to power a pump is a clever way to save money while reducing the pressure on the environment. Solar pond pumps are connected to solar panels that produce the electricity required by the pump. Connecting batteries to the solar panels allows running the pumping system even during the night, not only when the sun is up.

Solar Powered Pump If you are thinking about investing in a solar pump in getting rid of your traditional energy draining pond pump, be prepared for the fact that they are a bit more expensive at first than the average pond pump or filter. In the end, after just a week or so of using it, you will see how well worth the expense these pumps are. Not only will they have saved you a great deal of money on your electricity bill, but solar pond pumps give you just one more way to put your two cents into protecting the environment. The use of solar pumps is not solely restricted to ponds. There are many other possible water feature applications like solar fountains, solar bird baths or even waterfalls that benefit from solar technology. Such affordable and easy to install products are now widely available on the market place and even online. Solar pond pumps come in different sizes and power flows. They can be mounted on the surface (surface pumps) or submersible. It all depends on your application.