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 Dual Universal Alarm Box


Universal Indoor Dual Input Alarm Box Dual Universal Alarm Box

Model: UDAB1-12VDC


     Compact, Industrial Design for Indoor Use

     Dual Audible Buzzer / Visual Red/Amber Strobe

     External Power & Test Switch

     12V DC Operation

     Automatic Alarm Reset


  • Sump Pump Basins, Holding Tanks
  • Holding & Sewage Tanks
  • High or Low Temperature Warning
  • Industrial Process Monitoring
  • Water Tank Alarm
  • Loss of Pressure Alarm

Model UDAB1-12VDC Dual Input Universal Alarm Box is designed for indoor use. The unit features a non-metallic rugged enclosure, a combination red/amber LED strobe /piezo buzzer, and external "power" and test switches. The unit is design to provide a audible and visual warning to notify of an alarm condition. Unit interfaces with any two dry-contact, non-powered type flow, level, pressure or temperature switch to activate the alarm.

Operating Voltage: 12V DC (120V AC Wall Adapter Provided)
Alarm Indication: Intermittent Red/Amber LED Strobe/Piezo Horn: 85 dB
Input Type: Dry-contact Switch
Connection Style: Push/Pressure Terminals
Fuse: Internal, 1A Fast Blow
Alarm Reset: Automatic
Enclosure: (PVC) Plastic
Operating Temperature: -40 to 180 F (-40 to 82 C)
Dimensions: 4 X 4 x 2" (102 x 102 x 51mm)
Installation: Wall Mounted, For Indoor Use Only, Not Weatherproof

Available Models
Model Number Description
UDAB1-12VDC Universal Dual Alarm Box, 12V DC Operation

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