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Solar Panel Side of Pole Mount Solar Panel Side-of-pole Mounting Brackets

Series: SPB1


     Rugged, Heavy Duty Construction

     Includes Everything Needed For Installation

     Aluminum Frame/Stainless Steel Hardware

     Designed For Side-of-Pole Mounting



  • Solar Powered Wireless Sensors
  • Base Stations & Receivers
  • Data Logging
  • Wireless Transmitters
  • Wireless Repeaters
  • Solar Powered Monitoring System

The SPB1 series Side-of-Pole bracket is a simple and easy to install pole mounting solution for medium size solar panel (module). It's user settable angle setting supports installations in a wide range of locations. Three different models accommodate a single PV panel up to 5.5 square feet and mounts to any size pole from 2.0 inches to 4.5-inches in diameter.

Material Construction: Aluminum Frame, Stainless Steel Hardware
Angle Adjustment: 15°-90°
Wind Speed Rating: Up to 110 mph

Available Models
Model Number Rail Length Pipe Size Max Panel
SPB1-13 13" (mm) 2-4 2.5
SPB1-18 18" (mm) 2-4 4.5
SPB1-26 26"(mm) 2-4 5.5