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Solar Well Pump for 4" Diamter SCH40 Well Casing

Benchtop RTD Pt100 Temperature Controller Model: SWP24-XL230-375


     Provides Increased Power To Well Pump

     Increases 12V DC to 24V DC

     Power Booster for Battery or Solar Panel

     For DC Pumps - 10 Amps(240 Watts) Max

     Simple 4 Wire Connection

     Includes Weatherproof Junction Box


This Solar Submersible Pump for freshwater is designed with a 3 chamber positive displacement diaphragm allowing it to run dry for periods. When combined with corrosion proof housing with stainless steel fasteners and 50 micron mesh stainless steel inlet screen, this pump can operate across a variety of pressures and temperatures with minimal maintenance.

The pump has a 3.75" diameter allowing it to fit into a standard 4" well casing or larger.
Operating Power: 24V DC
PSI: 105-110 (7.2-7.5 bars)
Motor: Permanent Magnet, Thermally protected
Outlet Port: 1/2" Barbed Fitting for 1/2" I.D. Tubing.
Flow Rate: 1.6 GPM (6 LPM)
Max Amps: 4 Amps
Max Lift: 230ft
Max. Submersion Depth: 100ft
Inlet Screen: 50 Micron (Stainless Steel)
Power Cord: 9ft
Size: 3.75" Diameter x 13" Long

Available Model
Model Number Decription
SWP24-XL230-375 Solar Well Pump - 3.75" Diameter

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