Specifications (pdf)

 Solar Battery Enclosure

Aluminum Solar Battery Enclosure

Aluminum Solar Battery Box Series: SSB-SS


     Rugged Aluminum Design

     Screened Louvers on Door for Ventilation

     Provides good protection against corrosion

     Chemical Resistant and Impervious to Dents

     Weather Resistant Design

     Stainless Steel Hinge and Pad Lock Hasp


    Remote Solar Power Systems

    Off-Grid Solar Installations


SSB-SS Series Battery Enclosures are fabricated from aluminum and is manufactured to NEMA 3R specifications. This is typically used for Group 27 batteries. Mounting slots accept up to 3-1/2" U-Bolts, for up to 3" nominal pipe. Also can be mounted to flat surface, or to larger poles with additional hardware.

General Specifications
Enclosure Material: 5052 Aluminum
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 3R

Available Models
Model SSB-SS-1 SSB-SS-2
Group 27 Battery Capacity: 1 2
External Dimensions: 18.25 X 16.25 x 12"
(464 x 413 x 305mm)
18.25 x 17.75 x 18"
(464 x 451 x 457mm)
Internal Dimensions: 16.0 X 16.0 x 10.0"
(406 x 406 x 254mm)
18.0 X 17.5 x 17.88"
(457 x 445 x 454mm)
Back Panel Dimensions: 13.0 X 14.13 x 0.125"
(330 x 359 x 3.2mm)
14.5 X 15.0 x 0.125"
(368 x 381 x 3.2mm)
Weight: 29 lbs (13.2kg) 40 lbs (18.1kg)

Note: Continued product improvements make specifications subject to change without notice. Check www.imagineinstruments.com for the latest product information and updates.
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