Specifications (pdf)

 Solar Charge Controller/Power Supply

Combination Solar Battery Charger / Equipment Power Supply - For Telemetry & SCADA Equipment

Battery Voltage Converters Series: SCC1


    Provides Standard Solar Charge Controller Functions

    Requires Only A Solar Panel & Deep-cycle Battery

    Supplies 12 & 24 Vdc Regulated Power to Equipment

    Economical Din-rail Enclosure Design

    Provides Up To 2 Amps (12V) and 1 Amp (24V)


    Telemetry & SCADA Equipment

    Wireless Sensors, Transmitters, Base Stations

    Solar Powered Process Controls, Instrumentation

    Solar Power for Remote Pressure, Level & Flow Monitoring

    Meters, Controllers, Valves, Pumps


Designed to save space and money, these units combine both a solar charge controller and a regulated DC-DC converter power supply into one unit. Operation requires only a small solar panel and a deep-cycle battery to complete the system. The SSC1 Series efficiently maintains the charge on a 12V deep-cycle battery while also providing both 12 Vdc (2 Amps) & 24 Vdc (1 Amp) regulated output power to operate your equipment.


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