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 Solar Powered Telemetry

 Solar Powered SCADA

 SPSXL Series - SCADA Solar Power System


Solar Powered Pumping System High Capacity Solar Power System for Remote SCADA, Controls & Radio Equipment

Our SPSXL-24VDC Series features pre=packaged, ready-to-install off-grid solar power to operate SCADA, PLCs, Level Controls and Radio Equipment in remote locations, Models feature weatherproof metal battery enclosures, the proper charging and power conditioning for deep-cycle batteries. Models with 24 VDC output provide from 20 to 120 Amp-hours per day output capacity. Units are equipped with fuses, breakers or disconnects as appropriately needed. Models are available with 3-day or 5-day reserve power.

What's Included with Each SPSXL Solar Power System Solar SCADA System

  • Solar Panels
  • Deep Cycle SLA Batteries
  • Weather Resistant 3R Rated Battery Enclosure
  • Multi String Solar Combiner Box
  • 12/24 Volt, High Capacity PV Charge Controller
  • Solar Power Cables & Connectors
  • Top-of-pole Panel Mount
  • Earth Grounding Kit
  • Saftey Labels
  • Lightning/Surge Protection
Please contact us for information on available models, pricing and delivery.